It consists of a sensor section, a sensor driving/signal processing circuit and a simple interface, and it can be used for incorporation into a camera or a machine.

   HX3100 Pixel Camera Modual


* Detector:   Uncooled focal plane array
* Number of Pixels:   640(H) x 480(V)
* Pixel Size:   23.5Ám
* Spectral range:   8 to 14Ám
* NETD(with F/1 lens) L range:  <75mk/H range: <300mk
* Sensor frame rate:   30Hz
* Range:   L,H (2range)
* Dynamic Range(with F/1 lens); L range:   -40? to 150? / H range: 0? to 540?
* Power supply:   DC 11 to 13V
* Power Consumption(at 25?):   7W Approx.
* Video Output:   NTSC (30Hz) or PAL (25Hz) composite video
* Digital Output:   ITU-R, BT656 video data / 16bit raw data
* Control Interface:   RS-232C
* Size (mm)(without lens):   82(W) x 85(H) x 75(D)
* Weight (without lens):   370g
* Operating Temperature:   -30? to +60?
* Functions:   Contrast / Brightness/ Polarity (Hot white/Hot black) / Digital Zoom (x2,x4) /Range change / FPN correction / Save Configuration

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