Non-Contact Temperature Measurement: Infrared thermal images are recorded by NEC Avio Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Models such as Model(s) TS9100 via Ethernet connection. A brilliant TFT LCD color monitor displays trend of max/min and average temperature. Selected display areas can be set to alarm on preset temperature limits. Direct Connection on Sensors: A wide range of plug-in Signal Conditioning Amplifiers accept direct input from Voltage, Current, Strain, Temperature, Pressure, F/V, and Charge Sensors. Amplifiers are interchangeable with TA220-2000 Series Data Acquisition Recorders. Expanded Arithmetic and FFT Features: Perform Arithmetic operations between channels including Basic Math, Trig, Calculus, and Moving Average. FFT Analysis includes Power, Linear, RMS, and Power Density Spectrums. Multi-Channel Measurement: Up to 16 isolated, independent data channels simultaneously display connected sensor data. Customized Monitor Screen: Easily configure display to simultaneously show desired combinations of Digital Data, YT & XY Graphs, and Infrared Imaging Data.

   DF1100 package


* Non-Contact Temperature Measurement:
* Multi-Channel Measurement:
* Direct Connection of Sensors:
* Customized Monitor Screen:
* Expand Arithmetic and FFT Features:

Fixed Mount Type Infrared Thermal Imager
Thermo Tracer TS9100

Provides support for various monitoring needs from stand-alone to large remotely controlled installations
The TS9100 fixed-mount Infrared Thermal Imager has many applications such as

  • monitoring production line equipment, plant and public facilities;
  • prevention of serious accident and fire
  • temperature control for production quality improvement
  • intruder detection for security

The camera has three alarm modes (two for temperature anomalies and one self-malfunction warning) which allow it to operate as a stand-alone unit. By using one of the interfaces (RS232C -standard, IEEE1394 or Ethernet - optional) a larger system can be configured for remotely controlled monitoring or real-time thermal image transfer.

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