Fixed Mount Type Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with built-in NEC UFPA Detector with high resolution of 320 x 240, Alarm Output that detects abnormal temperature conditions and outputs on an alarm event, Accuracy: 2% (reading) or 2C, up to 60Hz real time recording, and a standard RS-232C interface. Options Include: IEEE 1394 and Ethernet Interfaces, temperature range to 2000C, telephoto and wide angle lenses, auto focus, and software development kit for system intergration. Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 208mm (2.56 x 2.56 x 8.19inch). Weight: 1.0kg (2.2lb).

   TS9260/9230 Data Sheet


Built-In NEC UFPA Detector
   TS9260: High Resolution: 640 x 480
   TS9230: High Performance 320 x 240

Basic Performance
   NETD: 0.08C @ 30C
   Accuracy: 2% (Reading) or 2C

Compact and Light Weight
   TS9260: 80 x 87 x 211mm; 1.2kg
   TS9230: 65 x 65 x 208: 1.0kg (with 21 Manual Lens)

Rugged and Reliable Dust and Splash Proof
   IP54 Strong Metal Case
   Long Term Continuous Operation with Highly Reliable Design

Easy Maintenance
   Highly Reliable UFPA Detector and Optimization of Auto Focus Mechanism for Easy Maintenance

Ethernet & IEEE 1394
   Easy Connection to PC
   Real-Time Image Transfer and Various System Upgrades and Camera Controls are available by High Speed Data Link

Alarm Output
   Detects Abnormal Temperature Conditions and Outputs on Alarm Event. Feature Provides Overall System Cost Reduction

Low Cost and High Performance
   Optimizes Powerful Performance for each Application to Deliver Repeatable Temperature Measurments

Many Tailored Options
   Protective Housing, Lenses, Interfaces, Peripherals, Software Development Kit, etc.

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