Fixed-Installation Infrared Thermal Imager

The M7500 offers unparalleled accuracy for demanding industrial and scientific applications. With an unmatched array of protective accessories, the M7500 demonstrates Mikron's commitment to long-term trouble-free operation of these instruments. The M7500 quickly measures temperature without contact in even the most adverse environments and can easily interface with PLCs and automation systems.

   NEC F30 series Data Sheet


*Fits in your pocket
This unique, pocket sized F30 Thermal Imaging Camera features: An industry first viewing of overlaid visual and temperature data images,
3-point temperature measurement (image center, maximum or minimum and selected one point),
Colored Alarm Function for separating areas at high and low temperature delta temperature measurement feature to show difference of image center and selected one point,
Operates from 3 easily accessed, rechargeable, standard AA internal batteries with up to 1000 images per charge and from AC power using adapter,
Focus free operation from 1.3meter (4.3) with focal length adjustable with large focus ring down to 10cm,
Quick mode dial to set and take pictures without reading a manual
Choice of camera body colors for user inventory control.>

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