High-Performance - Multi-Purpose Thermography Camera
* Building Inspections
* Power Equipment Diagnostics
* R & D Demands High Sensitivity, Precision & Quality

   R300 Data Sheet


* High resolution (NETD) of 0.05 (at 30)
* High performance Accuracy:1
* Spatial Resolution(I.F.O.V.)1.21mrad(standard lens)
* Direct Recording on SD Card in Fully Radiometric(10fps)
* Interval recording(3s to 1 h)
* Event Trigger Recording Mode
* Voice Recording(30s)
* Ergonomic Handheld Camera design supports easy image capture at any angle using included View Finder and Multi-angleTilting Color LCD Display.
* Auto focusing feature & Remote Control Unit.
* 3.5 inch Color LCD Screen with Tilt function & View Finder
* 3.1Mega pixels Visual Camera
* Focal Distance:10cm to infinity (standard lens) or (with STD lens)
* Various Lens Configurations including:2x telephoto,
* 0.5x Wide angle, close-up, etc.

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